Fix Computer Keyboard Problems

The following are some helpful hints for basic keyboard care, as well as some common troubleshooting problems and possible solutions.

When it comes to their computers, many people take their keyboards for granted. However, the keyboard is an integral part of your computer (read: it’s hard to input anything without one!), so some care must be exercised when using it. The following are some helpful hints for basic keyboard care, as well as some common troubleshooting problems and possible solutions.

Keyboard Is Dirty -How to clean up keyboard
Keyboards should be cleaned with "spray-n-wipe" cleaner and a cloth or tissue on a monthly basis. Ensure that computer is not powered up while cleaning the keyboard. Compressed air can also be used to clean between the keyboard keys. Another tip: clean the keys with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Compressed air is best way to clean computer keyboards.

Keyboard Not Found" Message
Your keyboard is not plugged into the computer securely. Unplug it and plug it back in and the problem should go away. If this doesn't work, follow procedure: “Computer isn't taking inputs from keyboard” (below).

Key Is Stuck - how to repair stuck keyboard keys
Most of the shift key got stuck in the keyboard. If shift keyon any other keyboard key does not work or is stuck in the down position, you may try to remove it with a CPU "chip puller" tool. These simple "L" shaped tools are great at pulling out keys. Once you've pulled out the stuck key, you can try to stretch the spring to "reanimate" its action.

Computer Isn't Taking Inputs From Keyboard

1. Is keyboard connected to computer? Ensure that the keyboard is plugged into the keyboard jack and not into the mouse jack. If the keyboard was unplugged, plug it back in and reboot the computer.

2. If the keyboard still doesn't work on boot-up, power down the computer and try to borrow a friend’s known-good keyboard for troubleshooting. Plug the new keyboard up and boot up the computer. If the new keyboard works, the old keyboard is bad and needs to be replaced.

3. If the known-good keyboard doesn't work, check your BIOS to make sure it sees the
keyboard. It should say, "installed." If the BIOS recognizes the keyboard, then you probably have a bad keyboard port.

I Plugged Keyboard Into Mouse Port

1. Many mice and keyboards today use a PS/2 connector. If you plugged your keyboard into the mouse port (or vice versa), follow steps 2 and 3.

2. Shut down the computer and plug the keyboard into the keyboard port. The keyboard port is usually marked with a "keyboard" symbol. Plug the mouse into the mouse port (usually marked with a mouse symbol).

3. Reboot the computer; the keyboard should work now. If keyboard doesn't work, check your BIOS to make sure the BIOS recognizes the keyboard. You should see the words, "installed" or "enabled" under the keyboard.

4. If the BIOS recognizes the keyboard but it still doesn't work, you may have a bad keyboard port.

I Spilled a drink on my keyboard!

1. If you spill any liquid in the keyboard, turn it upside down ASAP. Drain all the water out of the keyboard, shaking it if necessary. If you've spilled water into the keyboard, just let it dry. You may use a hair dryer to dry out area under the keys (remember, too much heat and you could damage the electrical components).

2. If you've spilled a soda into the keyboard, completely rinse it in warm water. No soap please! You may use a hair dryer at this point or just let it dry for 2 days. Ensure the keyboard is perfectly DRY before you attempt to use it again. Don't plug a wet keyboard into electrical equipment. Think safety.

3. If the keyboard still doesn't work, replace the keyboard.

Only Types Capitals


Page Up/Page Down Keys Are Locked

Your "Scroll Lock" function may be engaged. Press the Scroll Lock Key once.

Letters on Keyboard Don't Work

Check to see if there are any obstructions to the keys. If other keys work, then your keyboard is going bad and needs to be replaced.


  1. You give some of the best advice I have come across on the net. Keep It Up thanks

  2. These tips are brilliant, I like the ones about cleaning dirty keyboards (please note their are more bugs on work keyboards than there are in a public toilet...) and the ones about fluid being spilt on to keyboards, we get around 3 calls a day for this sort of solution, I will pass your sites details on.

    Excellent work people - keep it up!


  3. My PS/2 plug got ''broken'' how do I replace it?

  4. quatation marks are not working When I type them this symbol e hyphenated

  5. Great tips to maintain computer keyboard and fix the normal problems.

  6. I still dont knoe how to fix a keyboard key

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  8. I got a little problem.I am in a job last night.
    My brother accidentally spilled a Beer in to the keyboard, So I come home early I let it dry with blower and remove all the pieces of press buttons.
    After that I tried it.There are some error buttons If i press insert It will automatically go to sleep, If i press 12345 there are some letters or numbers that is going to show up.
    please reply asap

  9. So i really need to replace my keyboard...
    coz it says here, to replace keyboard if its problem is like this...

    Letters on Keyboard Don't Work

    Check to see if there are any obstructions to the keys. If other keys work, then your keyboard is going bad and needs to be replaced.


  10. My husband spilled water all over my optical mouse and it wouldn't move. I used a vacuum cleaner to it out and it worked fine in about 1 minute. Probably would work for keyboards too...

  11. Why when i type number 123a456789q, it shows
    like this. also letter 3abcdefghijklmnop9qestuvwxy*z.
    what is wrong?

  12. my laptop keyboard is slow sometimes won't work with out hitting several times. I've resorted to useing the on screen keyboard. Any ideas?

  13. Hi,
    Some keys in my key board are not functioning properly. When I press the keys on the right side -JKL:MUIOP, I see numbers instead. Can someone help? If I use an external key board, everything is fine. This is a lap top. What do I do?
    Any help appreciated.
    Troubled in California

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  15. i cant use my back space key on the computer.

  16. i am having problems with my keyboard when i use nember keys on the top it does this !@#$%^&*() and when i use numberpad it does nothing what should i do

  17. laptop keyboard issue:
    when I type an "a" or an "s", a "d" will always follow. In fact, there is a pattern, often it's one "d" then the next time it's 2 "d's". So it looks like this:

    When I type adn ad or adn sd, ad d will adlwaddysd follow. In fadct, there isd ad padttern, often it'sd one d then the next time itsd two d'sd. I admd going craddzy! Cadn adnyone help?

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  20. I can not hit the same key twice with out having to wait about 3 seconds. If I do it will not type it. Also, I can only scroll down once then I have to wait 3 seconds and it will scroll again but only one line.

  21. Further to "Computer Isn't Taking Inputs From Keyboard"

    1. Seek out and use the Onscreen keyboard as an emergency alternative. If there is no shortcut on screen, look for program


    2. You are likely to need to change the batteries. Before that it is worth checking if the keyboard is tuned to the wireless station.

    3. The wireless station (may be the wrong term) looks very like a mouse and is plugged into the computer next to the socket for the mouse. It has a button on the top very like the mouse’s scroll wheel. Let us call this button “A”. Near the button is a little red lamp.

    4. The keyboard has a tiny hole in its undersurface, within which is a tiny button – button “B”. The hole is difficult to spot. My keyboard in use in June 2010 has the hole covered by the folding right leg. My previous device had it exposed in the black undersurface about two inches down from the right leg.

    5. Tuning is done by pressing button B, with the point of a pencil or the tip of a knife, while pressing button A. The red lamp by button A will flash on a certain way; the flashing will change mode after about ten seconds, when the tuning will be complete.

    6. If this does not restore the keyboard service, the batteries must be replaced (3 x AA, at least heavy-duty and preferably ones that will hold their charge steadily to the end). After replacing the batteries, run para 5 again.

    Hope that is helpful.

  22. my keyboad keys on top. nos. 1234789 and 0 dont respond the rest of the keys are just fine. pls help.

  23. when i type numbers it puts out this!@#$%^&*() thats one tho nine and it types that please help

  24. Nice advice, you are very helpful!

  25. my keyboard is stuck, message that comes out says "this modification is not allowed because selection is locked" any help??

  26. Keyboardwillnotspace

  27. I h_ve _ M_cbook. _ 2007 version. Seven letters do not type.
    On the right side, the 'delete/b_cksp_ce' key.
    On the left side, going down di_gon_lly, I will try to be _s cle_r _s I c_n.: the F -one, _ueen, _lph_bet, _ebr_. Clues for words r: English royl, wht the English letter system is clled, niml with blck nd white stripes.

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  30. Hello I spilled tea on my keyboard and i immediately tipped it up side down until all or most of the liquid was gone. However, the next day the space bar wouldn't work. I was wondering if there was a way to fix or replace the space bar without buying a new keyboard. If you could answer my question I would be really grateful!

  31. help pls:

    my tilde/grave accent button is "[]". how do i change it?

    btw, my laptop language is United States English

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  34. Hi,i have a small problem that i need to fix but it seems that i cant find someone who can actually do...When i play games (FPS) such as Call of Duty mw2 and Call of Duty Black Ops my keyboard start lagging in way... for instance i press W to go forward and while i keep pressing it the player stops.... i dont know what to do pls help me......BTW it works when i text....(keyboard)

  35. Some letters in my kb don't work and I'm going to buy a new one. However when I change current kb to a older one, those still don't working. So I use that kb for another computer, it works??

    Sorry for my bad English >__<

  36. Some keys like ><~etc are not working in my laptop(dell-inspiron)

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  38. lol mine too ... but i spilled water on my keyboard by typing with my wet fingers so it caused this way... whenever i hit buttons "a" & "s" i hdave to add "d" so that it will appear
    so its okay sometimes i just edit the text but it takes time.... next when i erase a text for example: "soltion" it goes s634t56n uhm ... it probbly cuz i pressed the num right up of the erase key. so when you c ur text appears to filled with numbers(especially for laptop users) judst hit the num key up of the erase key and... "voila" your letterz r bck to normal :)

  39. Whenever I try to type an apostrophe this: è, shows up! What do I do?

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  43. hey. kinda need help here. just yesterday, the keys 8 9 and 0 is still working. but when i opened my computer this morning. these keys doesn't work anymore. i tried reinstalling, updating, opened the keyboard. and nothing worked. a little help please..

  44. were* still working,

  45. There is a 3 second delay for all entrys. help

  46. top keys except5 and 6 r nt working

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  48. I m facing a very unique problem.when i press w,+++++ strts 2 appear.Also I cannot Press my down n left arrow keys simultaneously..

  49. These are the typical reasons why a keyboard is not functioning so well. That's why in some companies they don't allow eating at your desk to avoid food debris from falling into the keyboard.

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  59. I Have G41 vs3 R2.0 motherboard but my mouse and keyboard keep giving me problems. I had a different motherboard and i changed because of the same problem so i changed the motherboard and the mouse. What can be the cause? The keyboards some acts as though SHIFT is on or ALT, the curse keeps moving in the direction in which am not moving it. Please help

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