How To Clear Google Search History

Lot of my friends asking me how do I clear google search history. So I thought why not write a post about it. Well, One of the main reason why you need to clear google search history is to maintain your privacy and hide your search terms from other users. If you are the only user of your PC, then it’s well and good. But if your pc or laptop is shared by other users, then you may want to clear our browser search history. In this article I am giving you step by step guide on how to clear your google search history:

If you are using Internet Explorer:

  • Go to tools menu
  • Then go to Internet Options
  • Go to Content Tab and click on Auto Complete
  • Click on Clear Forms and click ok

Now after doing this, you can go to google and may check that your search terms are cleared or not.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox:

  • Go to Tools menu and click on Clear Private Data or if you are in hurry you may press shortcut keys Ctrl+shift+del
  • Now check the box saved forms and search history and click OK

Clearing Search History from Google Toolbar:

  • Click on arrow near to google search box in toolbar. This will show the all search terms you search for.
  • Now click on option Clear Search History that is at the bottom of search keyword you used.


  1. One of those simple things that everyone should know how to do, especially when there is a chance of workstation sharing.

  2. Its very easy to clear search history but tough and sometime impossible to get it back.

  3. Thankyou! im sure this well come in handy!

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  5. I didn't know you can also delete the searches from the google tool bar as I've erased my searches but they were still visible, I think this might be the problem.


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